Hamilton County Community Foundation was established in 1991 to address the specific needs in Hamilton County. The foundation was formed from the assets of Carmel-Clay Community Foundation and Hamilton County Parks Foundation, which were receiving donations primarily in the form of bequests—gifts made at the time of one’s death.

The establishment of Hamilton County Community Foundation, then called Legacy Fund, provided a broader opportunity for Hamilton County residents to create a living legacy and make an impact during their lifetimes, right in their neighborhood.

Several community leaders—including Alan Burns, George Burrell, Bob Campbell, Teri Hansen, Doug McDonald, Jane Merrill and George Sweet—worked to form the foundation. In 1997, Hamilton County Community Foundation partnered with The Indianapolis Foundation to create Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF).

This partnership has led to a regional approach to grant-making initiatives in Central Indiana and provides a more comprehensive suite of services to fund holders. While CICF is a strategic and synergistic partnership, Hamilton County Community Foundation and The Indianapolis Foundation continue to serve the unique needs of their individual communities.

Hamilton County Community Foundation’s board of directors work with staff to create social impact by leading on critical community issues; grow, leverage and advise philanthropic assets; and making wise charitable grants to not-for-profit organizations.