Cover of Needs AssessmentGaps and Opportunities: Hamilton County Community Needs Assessment

This comprehensive report identifies and analyzes the needs of the Hamilton County Community.

By integrating a multi-faceted approach through community and board engagement sessions, interviews with thought leaders, surveys, and an extensive review of over 2,000 quantitative data points across various levels, this report pinpoints the critical needs that align with and propel Hamilton County Community Foundation’s mission forward.

Five key priorities emerged as focal points for Hamilton County Community Foundation:

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing emerges as a foundational element that supports overall well-being, setting the stage for individuals to thrive.

Childcare Solutions

Childcare solutions, especially those that offer cost assistance and after-hours care, are critical enablers for working families, fostering both economic vitality and educational progress.

Education & Training

Education and training opportunities stand out as vital tools for equipping community members with the skills necessary for not just employment, but for a life imbued with purpose and growth.


Access to diverse transportation options is essential for connecting residents to opportunities that enhance their quality of life, be it through employment, education, or essential services.

Social Services

The assessment highlights the indispensability of comprehensive social services that cater to a spectrum of needs—from food security and mental health support to specialized assistance for the most vulnerable, including seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Hamilton County Community Foundation will use the data and recommendations in this report to continue its work to mobilize people, ideas, and investment to make this a community where every individual has equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter their place, race, or identity. Our next step, which we have already begun, is to refresh our strategic plan to ensure it is aligned with the county’s needs identified in this report. We look forward to sharing our progress with you. 

We can’t do it without you

Hamilton County Community Foundation is committed to working with service providers and local government to drive meaningful change in our community–but we can’t do it without your support.

Hamilton County Community Foundation distributes nearly $600,000 annually in competitive grants, and we work closely with donors seeking strategic grant opportunities with organizations that align with their personal philanthropic mission.

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Tammy Hall
Executive Assist to the President & Hub Coordinator