Our Vision

Hamilton County Community Foundation is proud to be an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation and The Indianapolis Foundation since 1997. This extends our foundation’s reach beyond our Hamilton County to produce regional impact. Our shared mission for Central Indiana is:

To mobilize people, ideas and investment to make this a community where every individual has equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter their place, race or identity.

But we know that our community also has very unique challenges and opportunities. Hamilton County Community Foundation exists to improve and enhance life for those that call our county home. Our specific vision for Hamilton County is:

To build a community where opportunity meets growth for everyone, and philanthropic efforts support not-for-profit organizations doing vital work.

Learn more about our work here.

View our countywide plans that address mental health and food insecurity to see our initiatives in action. We cannot thank our partners and community collaborators enough for their continued efforts in making our county more equitable.